Who is Veterans Affordable Funerals and what is "Pre-Need"?

At Veterans Affordable Funerals we provide everything needed for a proper Final Tribute for your loved one at a substantially reduced cost. You can be assured the only part of the services provided that is discounted is the price.

The level of care and attention you and the deceased receive is second to none. The expert services and level of compassion provided by our experienced Funeral Directors and staff are designed to help families through the stressful experience of a funeral, should you choose an earth burial or cremation.

It comes as a surprise to many that Veterans Affordable Funerals was started by what is referred to as “a Pre-Need Insurance Agent”. Pre-Need “is the act of purchasing and selecting services and merchandise for ones funeral, cremation or burial in advance of need (while still alive). Guaranteeing todays pricing for services or merchandise to be supplied at a future date.

It was after meeting with several families and hearing about the stress and strain caused by today’s high cost of funerals and cremation that we met with service providers from the funeral industry and negotiated wholesale level pricing that could be passed on to veterans and their families through Veterans Affordable Funerals saving them thousands of dollars on the cost of a funeral or cremation.

Costs that families were quoted were 3 to 6 times higher than the prices charged by Veterans Affordable Funerals.


For many people “Pre-Need “is a new term that refers to purchasing funeral, burial, and cremation services while still alive. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about pre-arranging a funeral or cremation for you here:

Q. If I change my mind or the provider of the funeral or cremation service goes out of business what happens to my money?

A. Your money is always safe. All funds are held by an insurance company and unless you have made your agreement irrevocable you can cancel at any time or redirect your agreement to another provider.

Q. Are there laws to protect the consumer when purchasing funeral or cremation services in advance of their death?

A.  Yes, the Illinois Funeral or Burial Act (225ILCS45) gives consumers certain rights and protection when they purchase funeral, cremation or burial services in advance.

Q. Are all prices guaranteed?

A. The cost of merchandise and services for funeral, cremation or burial provided by the funeral or cremation service provider are guaranteed.

Q. What prices would not be guaranteed?

A. Items such as permits, death certificates, church services or cemetery costs are not guaranteed.

Q. How will I know which items for burial, cremation or funeral services have guaranteed prices?

A. The agreement with the service provider clearly states by separate column headings which prices are guaranteed and not.This is a binding contract on the provider that spells out which prices are guaranteed.

Q. What are my advantages to making arrangements in advance of my death?

A. In addition to “locking in” the prices for cremation or burial services you provide your loved ones with the comfort of knowing your wishes are being followed.

Q. OK, so I have made my arrangements with a pre-need counselor and selected the “Hero’s Visitation with Cremation” What does my family do when I die?

A. One call is all you need to make: 800-919-8717 ─ 24 hours a day. You will be put in touch with a Veterans Affordable Funerals affiliate funeral director. They will get some basic information and arrange for your loved one to be transported to the proper location for the services you requested to be provided. The service provider will secure all permits and death certificates needed.

Q. What if I don’t have a pre-need agreement in place?

A. Your loved ones would just call 800-919-8717. Discuss with the funeral director as to what services you are requesting and as in the example above, services will be provided to make this as easy as possible for your loved ones. From transportation of the deceased to securing death certificates and permits, a stress free experience for your family is our goal.

Q. Why so many people are making pre-arrangements

A. Making funeral arrangements at the time of loss can be emotionally stressful and extremely difficult for those left behind. That is why so many people are making their own arrangements eliminating added tasks for their loved ones as well as guaranteeing the cost of a service. The arrangements may be prepaid in a lump sum or we offer a no down payment plan 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. Should death occur during a payment period any unpaid balance is waived and services are considered “Paid in Full”.