Hero's Visitation with Cremation


“Hero’s Visitation with Cremation” is our most often chosen service. This allows today’s busy, on the go families the traditional funeral experience without the expenses or decisions involved with a traditional burial.

The deceased is embalmed, prepared and placed in a rental casket, for a two (2) hour viewing at your church or house of worship prior to the funeral service. When the service is complete the deceased is removed from your house of worship and taken to the crematory where the remains will be cremated and placed in an urn. The family can make arrangements to pick up the urn during normal business hours (Usually within 48 hours of service) or the urn can be delivered to the family for an additional fee.


  • Services of a Licensed Funeral Director
  • Transportation from place of death to the crematory
  • Medical Examiner's / Corner's permit
  • Preparation and Embalming of the deceased
  • Rental casket
  • Transportation to your church and back to crematory
  • Cremation of deceased and cremation container
  • Cremation urn
  • One death certificate, additional death certificates available at an additional charge
  • Cremation permit
  • Two (2) hour visitation at your church (see notes)

(See FAQs and Notes for more information)