Direct Cremation

Permit Included

People choose “Direct Cremation” based on a number of reasons. Some are concerned about the environment, some are cost-conscious, but most often, the flexibility offered by choosing direct cremation is the primary reason for this choice.

Direct cremation allows families flexibility in arranging gatherings to mourn together as well as celebrate the lives of the deceased. Many families choose direct cremation because they feel it is simpler and less complicated than other funeral options and of course, you can pre-arrange and pre-pay for your cremation which relieves your family of making decisions during a highly stressful time in addition to guaranteeing prices.


  • Professional Services of a trained cremation technician and staff
  • Removal of deceased from place of death to the crematory – 24 hours a day, all holidays included
  • Cremains available for pick up at the crematory by appointment 2-4 business days after all paperwork is completed and filed. Delivery of cremains available for additional charge
  • Temporary Container for cremains – Urns available at an additional charge

(See FAQs and Notes for more information)